For over 20 years, Parabolica Publishing has been helping a broad selection of clients with their large and small publishing projects. From simple brochures to complicated magazines and catalogs, Parabolica has been able to produce creative, visually compelling projects, on time and on budget. One of our many strengths is that due to the tremendous volume of printing that we purchase each year, Parabolica is often able to design, print, and produce a project for less than what a client would pay just to print the project on their own.

Additionally, Parabolica is capable of crafting a program to fit your budget by offering an “a la carte” approach that enables you to select only the services you need, whether that be as little as layout and design or as much as a total turnkey solution.

Areas of Specialization:


Though Parabolica has worked with a broad cross-section of clients, one of our key areas of expertise is within the automotive sector. Throughout our 20-plus-year history, Parabolica has produced a broad spectrum of automotive publications including newsstand magazines, club magazines, event programs, newsletters, and collateral marketing materials.

With satellite offices in Australia and the UK, Parabolica has an extensive staff of talented writers, photographers, and designers capable of gathering automotive content anywhere in the English-speaking world. This content is then digitally transmitted to our main office in California, where it is laid out into a finished product and then digitally transmitted to any number of our printing partners around the world. No other company can offer this level of breadth, depth, or versatility.


Parabolica has also worked extensively within the legal community on a variety of projects that have included newsletters, event programs, marketing materials, and brand-identity packages. With strong ties within the Southern California legal community, Parabolica is well versed in the publishing needs and demands of the legal profession.